YARA: Bringing the power of Artificial Intelligence to Conferences and Expos.


  • UI and UX Research.
  • Web Dashboard Design.
  • Mobile App Design.
  • Digital Marketing.

Client : Voris Systems

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UI and UX Research.

YARA is an event management solution destined to grow quickly and widely. So it needed a clear and effective identity, anchored in its time. Our mission was to translate a forward-looking business concept into a flexible and well-defined brand system.

Voris wanted a clean and minimalist design for YARA. We started to play with whitespaces and deep blacks. From logo to 404 web page — We created a minimal experience while maintaining unparallel user experience.

YARA is part consumer solution and part enterprise application — Our UX team did an extensive user experience research to map out every user interaction.

Web Dashboard Design.

YARA web dashboard is an integral part of the solution, used by Event Organizers, Event Exhibitors, and Event Sponsors. The web dashboard is a culmination of cohesive and concise functions wrapped with minimal and modern design.

App Design.

YARA app is a companion app for event guests. Building a functional user interface with three different feeds was a complex task. We stripped complex user interactions to bare essentials and build an interface around it.

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