Norj: A smart chopboard with a weight scale.


  • Proof of concept Marketing Video.
  • Brand Design.
  • Hardware Prototyping.
  • Mobile and Web Application Prototype.

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Client: Confidential

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Proof of Concept —— Product Marketing Video.

We worked on 18 storylines before landing on the final story for the proof of concept video. The process involved our senior designers, marketing strategists, artists, production managers, cinematographers, voice-over artists, and video editors.

From location hunting to procurements, this was a 100% CH SQ's in-house initiative.

Hardware Prototype Development.

Getting the right material for the chopping board was a challenge. We worked with an agency in California that specializes in material science to build a custom PVC free plastic board. The board is a durable, non-porous, odor-resistant polypropylene construction.

Brand Design.

Even though Norj is an early-stage prototype, we devised the identity for Norj as a production-ready product. Scandinavian design inspired us to create a text-based logo.

Mobile and Web Application Prototype.

Our team conceptualized two companion applications for Norj. Home is a web application for customer support and Letty is a cookbook app for mobile devices.

Minimal and clean app design.

Functional interface with a unique design.

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